Unlocking Success: Tailored Shopping Centre Marketing Strategies for Canadian Malls

What is the Marketing Strategy for a Shopping Mall?

Elevate your retail presence with shopping centre marketing strategies. With over 30 years of experience marketing malls in Canada, our expert solutions drive foot traffic and enhance brand visibility.

Crafting a marketing plan for a shopping centre requires a tailored approach based on the type of centre, whether it’s a fashion destination shopping centre or a community/convenience mall.

It is also important to recognize geographically specific values and interests as this may significantly influence your strategy. For example, a premium shopping centre in Vancouver, BC may deploy a different strategy than a mall in Saskatoon, SK that has similar tenants and retailers. 

We have experience working with many of Canada’s shopping centres directly or through property management brands such as BGO, JLL, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Morguard, and Quadreal

Types of Shopping Centres

Fashion Destination Shopping Centre

 A fashion destination, characterized by upscale brands and trend-focused retailers, benefits from a marketing strategy that emphasizes style, exclusivity, and the latest trends. To best support this they may focus on 

  • High-profile fashion events, 

  • Influencer collaborations

  • Innovative social media campaigns

  • Contesting

Community Mall Shopping Centre

On the other hand, a community or convenience mall, which often caters to daily needs and local services, should focus on a more accessible and family-friendly approach. Shopping Centre marketing efforts could revolve around:

  • Community events

  • Communication & promotions on everyday essentials

  • Family-oriented activities to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. 

  • Evergreen campaigns about the services and tenants as can be particularly valuable for maintaining a consistent brand presence, so the centre is top-of-mind for consumers. 

Fundamental Considerations

Understanding the unique identity of each shopping centre type is crucial for developing a marketing plan that resonates with the target audience and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Regardless of the type of shopping mall that the marketing plan is being developed for, we believe a few things are fundamental to consider:

  • Set your goals and KPIs for the Year
  • Measure each activity again results of these goals and KPIs
  • The email subscriber community for your shopping centre matters
  • Don’t be afraid to test and fail! A diverse marketing strategy is the goal.

What are your goals and KPIs for the year?

Sharing this with your marketing agency can help ensure campaigns and activations are aligned.

Before we initiate any seasonal campaign or activations, we review the goals for this year and see where your shopping centre is at with meeting them. For example, perhaps we had a killer Holiday campaign planned and the goal was to grow your email list, but after reviewing your Q3 results, we see you have already surpassed that goal for the year. Amazing. Congratulations! We did notice, however, that your in-centre foot traffic was below your KPI targets. It is time to pivot and adjust your strategy to ensure that this seasonal campaign has a shift in priorities so we can help you meet and exceed that foot traffic goal. Our goal is to make you look like a marketing rockstar. 

Email Subscribers Matter!

You don’t own your audience on social media, and we have seen shifts as audiences move to new platforms and clients who invested heavily to grow on one channel only to find that their audience is no longer there! What you do own is your own subscribers.

For example, if you want to grow your e-newsletter subscriber list, why focus on in-centre activations only? Combining them with an online activation allows for continued opportunities to have your audience choose to subscribe and your list grow. There are so many opportunities to explore with marketing through email marketing and we have seen tremendous success when this is part of your core strategy. If you don’t believe us, check out these incredible stats from HubSpot.

Test, Learn, and Innovate with Your Mall Strategy

We are cautious of the ‘sheep strategy’ and encourage clients to not just implement marketing activities because every other shopping centre in Canada is doing it. Consider the investment and how it aligns with your goals and KPIs. 

As marketers, we get jumping on a new trend and being the first out of the gate. Last we checked, money (budgets) don’t grow on trees and it is important to evolve but do so in a controlled a/b testing model where outcomes are predicted and measured for success. Innovation is great and should be embraced if it is done strategically and with success metrics put in place to do a post-campaign evaluation. 

Our team has over 30 years of award-winning experience with Shopping Centre Marketing and would love to discuss how we can best support you and your team. Drop us an email and let’s chat!

No two centres require the same type of support, so we don’t offer packages for shopping centre marketing support. We prefer to discuss your needs and offer a custom tailored package that fits your needs and budget. 

We have been told by our clients that we offer great value for the quality of our services, so don’t be shy, reach out, and let’s chat. 

Yes, we work with many clients who run WordPress or Mall Maverick websites and understand these Shopping Mall CMS. We know how busy the day-to-day marketing operations are at a shopping centre and our team is ready to assist you by adding those store promotions and events and let you focus on the bigger things. 

Absolutely! We have worked with the awesome team at Mall Maverick for custom contests and enjoy collaborating with their helpful team. We create your custom contest and work with them to ensure your activation, game or contest lives on your website so you get the website traffic with a unique and custom contest that can help you drive in-centre traffic, increase sales per square foot or grow your subscriber list!

We love to be social! In fact, this is why our own social media accounts are often neglected…we are so busy creating reels, posts and stories for our clients that we have no time for our own.

Every shopping centre is different with their social media goals and objectives, so let’s chat and learn more about your mall so we can create a custom social media management package to support you. 

Measuring social success is important to us and we invest in being able to provide you the RIGHT metrics. Comparing data month over month which is the default that most platforms offer, is just a realistic picture in the shopping centre world. Your data should be compared to Year over Year. We have premium software from Sprout Social that allows us to offer detailed reporting so you can compare seasonal activation vs the previous year’s activations. 

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Mall Maverick…we have experience working with them all. Email marketing is often the forgotten activation and becomes a quick, “I have to get this off my to-do list” as opposed to an integrated part of your shopping centre’s strategy. Our philosophy is to build a highly engaged community of shoppers who want to hear from you. We are transparent that if your goal is just to grow your subscriber list without worrying about how engaged they are and the value of the content you are sending out, then we are likely not the right partner for you. We want to help our clients build a strong, engaged community of mall brand ambassadors who genuinely look forward to receiving your communication as they know there is value in it. 

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on programs, contests and campaigns for some of these shopping centres across Canada: 

Bonnie Doon Centre (Edmonton, AB), Bower Place (Red Deer, AB), Capilano Mall (North Vancouver, BC), Centerpoint Mall (Toronto, ON), Deerfoot Meadows (Calgary, AB), Driftwood Mall (Courtenay, BC), East York Shops (Toronto, ON), Eglinton Square (Toronto, ON) Grosvenor Ambleside (West Vancouver, BC), Hillside Centre (Victoria, BC), Lawson Heights (Saskatoon, SK) Oakridge Centre (Vancouver, BC), Parkland Mall (Red Deer, AB) Prairie Mall (Grand Prairie) The Tenor (Toronto, ON), Village Green Shopping Centre (Vernon, BC)

Contact Us to find out more about our Shopping Centre Programs. 

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