Layered Marketing for Shopping Centre Program

Layered Marketing Programs for Shopping Centres: A Holiday Campaign Case Study at Hillside Centre

A Magical Transformation at Hillside Centre

Today, we’re diving into a case study that sparkles with holiday spirit and innovation. Imagine transforming a shopping centre into a storybook Christmas destination, complete with magical carriages and giant storybooks. That’s exactly what our layered marketing strategy was with Hillside Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, and we’re thrilled to share the journey with you.

Santa in front of giant storybook reading to children

The Spark of Creativity: Brainstorming to Brilliance

  • The Beginning: It all started with a super fun brainstorming session with Hillside’s incredible marketing director. The goal? To add enchanting new elements to the traditional Santa program.
  • A Cinderella Touch: Inspired by the idea of a family-friendly destination, the marketing director at the centre had dreamed up a pop-up Cinderella-like carriage display. Perfect for budget-conscious families flocking to the new Walmart and Dollarama, this was the foundation piece that excited us to evolve the holiday program and capture the holiday shopping buzz.

Weaving Magic into Marketing: The Creative Process

A Tale of Holiday Branding: Our mission was to weave words like ‘magical’, ‘playful’, and ‘community’ into a holiday brand that told a story. Erin, our wizard of a graphic designer, crafted a visual theme with layers and elements to sprinkle across all marketing materials.

  • To communicate all the offerings at the centre, we created a print and digital magazine that we designed to look like a storybook. The magazine showcased top gifts under $100 that were available at the shopping centre, pages describing all of the enchanting holiday experiences available in-centre, a holiday recipe from a grocery tenant, a colouring page for children that could be handed into to receive free chocolate from Purdys Chocolatier; also a tenant at the centre. You can view the digital lookbook HERE
  • Beyond the Carriage: To amplify the magic, we introduced a giant storybook pop-up, creating an immersive holiday world. Thanks to a talented movie set designer that our client sourced, this became a centerpiece that drew crowds and set the stage for memorable Santa storytime sessions.

Engaging Every Elf: A Symphony of Events

  • Star-Studded Meet & Greets: The centre buzzed with excitement as characters like Anna, Elsa, and Snow White greeted fans, creating unforgettable moments for families.
  • Crafting Joy for Adults: Hillside Centre hosted workshops where adults could unleash their creativity, from wreath making to festive decoration classes.
  • Sweet Treats for Little Elves: A Kids Cookie Decorating Workshop added a sprinkle of fun, engaging the youngest of shoppers in the holiday cheer.

Spinning Towards Success: Integrating Contests

Creating unique and custom contests to support our client’s activities is a great way to create engagement and build email lists. Sip & Spin: Our innovative spin-to-win game offered shoppers the chance to win a $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Card by playing an instant win game online. This strategy ensured that we were achieving her goals:

1) Driving website traffic – Shoppers could visit the website daily and try their hand at the Vegas-like Spin to Win, we used social carousel ads to promote the contest (along with the various other programs). 

2) Increase eClub members – As with all contesting we do, we ensure there is the ability to have users sign up for the shopping centres newsletter club. 

3) In-Centre Foot Traffic – The prizing of a $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Card resulted in winners coming down to collect their prize, visiting the Tim Horton’s in centre.  and grabbing a coffee (Sip & Shop) while they checked off  their holiday shopping list.

Marketing Contest Development

The Results: A Record-Breaking Holiday Season

  • Unprecedented Growth: The layered marketing approach led to a record-breaking increase in foot traffic and sales, marking a monumental success for Hillside Centre.
  • Community Connection: The campaign strengthened the bond with the community, turning the shopping centre into a holiday hub and significantly boosting ShopTalk subscribers.

The Magic of Layered Marketing Programs

The “Joy. Lives Here.” campaign was not just a project; it was a journey into the heart of what makes the holiday season special. By intertwining various events and marketing strategies, we created a tapestry of experiences that resonated with every visitor, proving the power of layered marketing programs for shopping centres. At our agency, we believe in turning ideas into enchanting realities, and Hillside Centre’s holiday campaign is a testament to that magic.

We wish to give serious props to the team at Hillside Centre as quality programs aren’t easy to execute. They need resources and a team that is willing to put in the extra effort on the ground to execute a program of this magnitude. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the creative execution this campaign was so much fun to bring to life! 

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