Instagram in Style

Choosing the aesthetics of your Instagram grid is an important marketing decision that should be evaluated as part of your core branding. What exactly are your trying to convey to your customer and client base. Are you playful, serious, or inspirational? Social Media is what helps to give your brand a personality so ensure that you are selecting a style and images that portray what you intend. Instagram stories have given brands the ability to showcase a more raw and organic way of storytelling, but even those stores, unless highlighted disappear, it is important to keep the same voice and similar story telling. Here is a sample of our client, Formula Athletics a functional training studio located in Yaletown Vancouver and how we have assisted them with a a creating a Instagram Grid that showcases their neighbourhood, community and offering, while still managing to stay true to the look, feel and voice of their brand.

Tips & Tools: One of the planning tools we love to use is

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