Facebook interest lists

I have been asked numerous times by fans of Facebook Pages about how to ensure that the feed of the page that they like shows up in their news feed. While there are a few ways to make this happen, one of the most efficient ways is to create Interest Lists.

This lets the user customize their news feeds by essentially subscribing to their favourite pages, people and interests.

Let’s get started on how to create your very own interest list:

  • Go to your Interests menu (at the bottom left) on the home page of your personal page. If you don’t see it listed there, try clicking the More button and it should appear.
  • Cick the Add Interests button and then Create List.
  • Facebook will then show you a list of the pages you like and you can click on each page you wish to be added to your list.
  • After you’ve selected all of the pages, people etc. you want to be included on the list you have created, click Next.
  • Type the name you would like to create for your list and then select the privacy setting.
    • Do you want your friends to be able to see who is in this list?
    • Do you wish the members/pages to be private?
  • When you are done selecting your privacy settings click Done.
  • Now, when you go to Facebook you can click on that specific interest list name on the bottom of your page on the left. You will then see all the posts by the pages or people that you added!
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